Insights Warehouse

A single source for cross-channel insights

Marketers know all too well the challenges associated with measuring multi-channel performance. Multiple agencies using multiple data sources means disparate reports, conflicting data and myopic performance insights.

Evolytics developed its proprietary solution, the Insights Warehouse, specifically to address this pain point. More than a data warehouse, the Insights Warehouse combines data standardization and centralization with visualization, rendering large datasets immediately useful not only to analysts, but to all data stakeholders, including marketers, researchers, product managers, and executives.

• Centralized   • Standardized   • Summarized   • Archived   • Visualized   • On-Demand   • Scalable

 evolytics insights warehouse


With automatically refreshed, multi-channel dashboards built right into the Insights Warehouse interface, organizations have custom-designed, branded reports readily available for export or integration into other presentations. These built-in reports are designed strategically for each client by data visualization specialists to support descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics needs.

Data Connections

To ensure compatibility with your unique data sources, the Insights Warehouse offers three possible data connections: API, FTP, and Web Form. Difficult-to-manage data arriving via Excel files, CSV exports, or even Power Point presentations can be easily integrated via the FTP and Web Form connections, while fully customizable templates and built-in validation ensure data consistency.

Data Security

All transmitted data are protected with standard SSL security procedures, and replicated for high availability and back-up. A series of optional governance protocols are also available at both the reporting layer and the data ingestion layer to further ensure security.


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