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Data Quality Assurance begins with tag quality

Your analytics practice is critical to your business. Key decisions are founded in data. As such, you invest a lot in your analytics. One site change has the potential to impact all of your analytics tags, and even a brief data loss could represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in online conversions. Knowing this, you probably have established tools, processes, and governance to ensure data quality, particularly surrounding key customer paths.

Although necessary, traditional quality assurance processes are time- and resource-intensive: regression testing is an undertaking, to the point where capacity may dictate site release schedules, rather than business needs. Imagine the possibilities if the process could be automated!

Evolytics partners with Hub’Scan, named 2015 Technology of the Year by the Digital Analytics Association, to provide an automated solution for tag testing and data quality assurance.

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Tag Inventory Audits

Comprehensive tag detection is often the first step toward a systematic approach to data quality. Hub’Scan tag inventory audits provide insight into tag types and tag consistency. The inventory may then be compared to your established solution design; or, if no documented solution design exists, the inventory establishes a baseline. 

Data Quality Audits

Data quality requires more than tag presence; it requires tag accuracy. Hub’Scan employs fully customizable tagging plans that enable you to scan your entire site for tag values. As your analytics practice evolves, tagging plans are easily updated and maintained, helping guarantee a highly repeatable process.

Priority Path Audits

Key user flows merit special attention and monitoring. Translate your priority paths into scenarios to be automatically scanned within Hub’Scan on a cadence that aligns with your release schedule. Utilize alerts to proactively manage against any critical data loss. 

Monitoring & Alerts

For priority paths or key pages, proactively scan for tag presence and data quality. Ongoing monitoring and supporting alerts can be fully automated and pre-scheduled; a central calendar is available to provide shared visibility into upcoming, scheduled scans.

SEO Strength Assessment

Beyond scanning for tags, Hub’Scan also captures and assesses page-level attributes against SEO best practices. SEO Strength Assessments can be run against select site sections or the entire site, as often as needed to support your search engine optimization efforts.

Service Packages

To support your Hub’Scan administrators, Evolytics offers custom training, onboarding, and ongoing support. Whether you need expert consultation, help interpreting and prioritizing scan results, or extra bandwidth within your Hub’Scan administration team, Evolytics ensures you’re maximizing the tool to support your organization’s unique data quality needs.

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