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Top 6 Election-Inspired Data Visualizations

The Evolytics team was excited to see election-inspired visualizations using data to tell 2018 election stories.

It’s no secret that elections are gold mines of data and potential analysis. It’s important to our democracy that election results and voting practices are easy for the general population to understand. With this in mind, we chose some of our favorite political data visualizations.

Best Local Visualization

Denver Elections Division

This Denver Election Division Data Visualization Dashboard on Tableau Public uploaded data on voter registration, participation, and ballot tracking. We applaud this effort and hope to see more local municipalities making voter data transparent and easily accessible.

Best Analysis of Political Advertising Efforts

What the 2018 Campaign Looks Like in Your Hometown

More than three million 2018 election ads were analyzed by Bloomberg News across 210 local television markets to create these insightful maps of television political ad topics across the United States. Our team would love to see the market testing that went into these decisions.

Best Measurement of Get Out the Vote CampaignsThe Geography of Voting — and Not Voting

Record-setting voter turnout was projected for the 2018 midterms, but was that a high bar? Pew Research suggests United States voter turnout often trails other developed nations. This Washington Post visualization shows voter turnout county by county.

Best Visualization of Statistics, Forecasts & ImpactWhat Went Down In The 2018 Midterms

FiveThirtyEight is already a popular blog for political news junkies and statisticians alike. Their live coverage shows numerous, continually updating visualizations showing the potential impact of each projection on the House and Senate. If you could only view one website on election night, this would be it.

Best Record of Swing States

Swing States in United States Presidential Elections 1988 to 2016

If you ever find yourself wondering about the historical swing of those pivotal swing states, consider this Tableau Public visualization your go-to source.

Best Showcase of Gender Representation in Congress

U.S. Congress – House of Representatives – Men vs Women

The 2018 midterm elections propelled a record number of women to serve in Congress come 2019. This Tableau Public visualization showcases the historic representation of men and women for both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Chase Porter

Chase Porter, Evolytics Associate Director of Marketing Analytics, has specialized in analytics since 2010. He guides clients at Evolytics through the measurement strategy and analysis process, provides strategic thinking in support of performance analysis, and helps clients optimize programs for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Top 6 Election-Inspired Data Visualizations

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