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Take Your Automated Marketing to the Next Level with Tealium’s Universal Data Hub

Using Tealium for more than just tag management

Marketing Automation with Tealium

Here at Evolytics, we’ve been working with Tealium pretty heavily over the past couple of years, and we think TealiumIQ is a fantastic tag management solution. However, the more we use the system, the more we realize the true power of Tealium lies within the Universal Data Hub (UDH) tools: AudienceStream, EventStream, and DataAccess.

As the name implies, Tealium UDH serves as a common, technology agnostic hub that unifies the reams of granular customer data available across your digital marketing stack. In simple terms, AudienceStream provides centralized customer data management and enrichment services, while EventStream offers cloud based data collection and distribution. DataAccess rounds the system out with its ability to collect data from just about any offline source. To achieve higher conversions rates and a better customer experience, companies must leverage best of bread marketing automation solutions.

Below, we’ve pulled out a few of the key capabilities that make Tealium such a great solution:

1. True multi-channel view of your customer

Key customer data from your various marketing channels flows through Tealium, giving you a
common system to aggregate and act through these different lenses.

2. Bi-directional integrations

With channel specific data flowing in and out of Tealium, marketers are able to inform one
channel based on learnings from another channel, boosting ROI and customer experience.

3. Cross device view of your customer

Many times, a customer will behave in a very different way, depending on the device they
are using. Tealium’s visitor stitching makes it easy to understand those difference and act
upon them with device specific accuracy.

4. A common and consistent tool and language

Marketing teams can suffer from siloed insights across marketing technologies, and
differences in terminology can make the problem even worse. Tealium provides a common
environment, toolset, and language, which instantly improves collaboration.

5. Include offline customer data sources

Many times, key customer data (e.g. retail product usage) lies in back-end systems or offline
sources. Tealium makes it easy to integrate this data into your digital marketing solution.

If you’d like to learn more about how to take harness the power of automated marketing via the Tealium Universal Data Hub, let’s chat about it.

Kevin Bridges

Kevin Bridges has worked in and around digital analytics since the early 2000’s in a variety of capacities, environments and platforms. He has managed web and mobile analytics projects for several large corporations, including Hallmark Cards, Kroger and LogMeIn. Kevin specializes in Adobe Analytics and tag management systems. He has TealiumIQ, Ensighten and Adobe Analytics Architect certifications.

Take Your Automated Marketing to the Next Level with Tealium’s Universal Data Hub

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