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It’s a Happy Halloween at Evolytics

The Evolytics team celebrated with a fall-themed bake off and pumpkin decorating contest.

You may not guess a team of developers and analysts could be incredibly creative, but problem solving can be a very right-brained activity, and we certainly have fun flexing those creative muscles. On this particular occasion, the team competed in a bragging rights bake-off, complete with Wooden Spoon Trophies. We also spent the afternoon decorating pumpkins, competing for Parkville Coffee gift cards, Pumpkin Spice Latté anyone?

Pumpkin staging before voting was serious business.

Plumberkin, a team favorite was aptly named and staged perfectly.

The creative genius that occurs when developers are on their own team.

Team bonding is just more fun when there's a fully stocked craft table.

A developer brought in his wife's secrete apple cider recipe, and it was a hit!

“I know it's only Rock & Roll, but I like it.” ― The Rolling Stones (and the most fun of the pumpkins)

This team loved their pumpkin so much, they made matching costumes!

What's scarier than bad data!? This Tealium Beast-inspired pumpkin won the contest.

We may or may not have found an office snake, and made a pumpkin to match.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake, Fall-Sprinkled Donuts, and Spiced Cake Pops were delicious bakeoff contenders.

Want some statistics because you’ve come to expect it from Evolytics blogs? Illinois produces more pumpkins than any state in the nation.

Tom Wilkins

Tom Wilkins founded Evolytics in 2005 with a mission to inspire people to use data in ways that make a difference in the world. In his role as CEO, Tom oversees strategic operations and works with the Evolytics team to evolve analytics practices for leading companies in the financial services, retail/ecommerce, education, government, telecommunications, personal expressions/greetings, consumer packaged goods, media, and software development industries.

It’s a Happy Halloween at Evolytics