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2013 Fantasy Football Ranking VS NFL Draft Position [Chart]

In honor of the Evolytics fantasy football draft last night (Go Sleeper Squad!), our chart of the week breaks down the top 32 ranked fantasy players by which round they were taken in the actual NFL Draft. We used data from the NFL Fantasy Player Rankings to create this week’s chart.

Here are some interesting takeaways:

  • 17 of the 32 (53%) top rated players were taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, showing that NFL GM’s did a good job overall of projecting talent – in the first round anyway.
  • On the flip side, Arian Foster (ranked 2nd) and Victor Cruz (ranked 32nd), went undrafted!
  • The top nine ranked fantasy players and 17 of the top 32 play at running back.
  • There are representatives in the top 32 ranked fantasy players from every round with the exception of the fifth and seventh rounds.

[Click chart for full-size view]

2013 Fantasy Football Ranking vs NFL Draft Position


Ryan Sleeper

Ryan Sleeper is a data visualization evangelist specializing in Tableau. To learn more about how Evolytics’ award-winning data visualization practice can help you with your Tableau dashboards or training needs, contact us.

Ryan Sleeper2013 Fantasy Football Ranking VS NFL Draft Position [Chart]

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