If your company still uses Adobe DTM for your tag management system (TMS), be aware that Adobe is sunsetting the service in 2020 in favor of their latest-and-greatest TMS — Launch — which was introduced in November 2017.


Starting last July 2019, Adobe began preventing the creation of new properties in DTM.   Sunsetting continues in July 2020 as all DTM properties go into “read-only mode” meaning you will no longer be able to make changes to existing properties.  The sunset is complete in January 2021, when DTM will go dark.


Launch is not just “the next version of DTM” but, rather, a new tag management system re-engineered from the ground up.  Introduced by Adobe in late 2017, Launch delivers a host of new features and capabilities. The most exciting of these are Extensions – reusable components that can be added to your properties to simplify and standardize your tag management implementation.  


What’s more, Adobe opened Extension development to everyone.  Our team at Evolytics wasted no time to develop our own super useful Launch Extensions that you can use, too!   Extensions are also available from Adobe, Google and other marketing tag vendors to do things you would otherwise have to do with custom code.  You can also write your own private Extensions to meet your organization’s specific needs.  


If you have yet to migrate your analytics and need assistance – we’ve got you covered.  Whether you need a little lift or a full “re-Launch” we can help check the boxes on your pre-flight checklist and ensure your analytics, media tagging and other services are uninterrupted.  Contact us if we can help with any of your migrated related needs or questions. 


  • Audit your current DTM configuration to identify what won’t migrate automatically, where you might be using functionality that is either unsupported or deprecated in Launch and identify opportunities for improvement.


  • Does your current setup involves any scenarios that Launch does not support out of the box? For example, are you making two analytics calls simultaneously using different variable mappings?


  • Are you using third party tools that Launch has an extension for?  We can help configure those to reduce dev time and ensure you’re getting performance benefits where possible.


  • Are there any third party marketing pixels deployed outside of DTM that can be moved into Launch?


  • Can you trust your data after the migration?  We’ll work alongside you to help validate that your Launch configuration is ready for take off and you’re leveraging all the benefits Launch has to offer. 


  • Do you need assistance on learning the ins and outs of Launch?  We provide training to our clients to empower them to use Launch confidently and effectively.


  • Are you using DTM currently but exploring other TMS platforms for your analytics implementation?  We are experienced in helping our clients in a wide array of tag managers.


We’ve helped clients successfully transition their current tag management implementations from DTM to Launch, as well as build new analytics integrations from the ground up.  Adobe Launch is a great tool with some new and exciting capabilities including a large extension catalog and asynchronous deployment options. With time counting down contact us to get started.