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Evolytics regularly speaks at industry conferences and events on topics ranging from how to grow and scale your analytics organization, to data collection and integration methodologies, to data visualization tips, analysis techniques and storytelling best practices. If you are interested in having Evolytics speak at your conference, contact us.


2019 Data Architecture Summit

I See Python People! They’re Everywhere!
October 16, 2019

A common experience today for experienced data management professionals and newly minted data scientists is to expend time debating approaches only to find that both teams are seeking the same outcomes and even agree on approaches, but are misaligned on terms. Join a father and son “tuple” as they decode two halves of the data management/data science coin into a single taxonomy.

2019 DAA OneConference

Keynote Panel: The Past, Present and Future of Analytics
October 23, 2019

Industry luminaries and Quanties Award winners lead this interactive panel on how the analytics industry has evolved, where are we today, and what disruptions are next for the industry. Find out what you need to know and what skills are critical to stay relevant and increasingly valuable in a rapidly evolving industry.

2019 Invoca Summit

Completing The Loop With Adobe Analytics: Understanding Calls As Part Of The Web Experience
October 22-24, 2019

When a customer calls a number displayed on one of your web pages, it needs to be viewed as part of their site visit. Invoca provides ways to connect call information to analytics tools. Learn how digital analytics consultancy Evolytics helped eHealth implement Invoca and integrate call data into Adobe Analytics to get a more complete picture of the customer journey.


  • Marketing Experience Evolution, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • eMetrics Summit, Chicago, Illinois
  • eMetrics Summit, Boston, Massachusetts
  • eMetrics Summit, San Francisco, California
  • Big Data Summit, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Tableau Conference, Seattle, Washington
  • Tableau Conference, Austin, Texas
  • Kansas City Tableau User Group
  • Omaha Tableau User Group
  • Boston Tableau User Group
  • Chicago Tableau User Group
  • Loves Data Analytics Conference, Melbourne, Australia
  • Loves Data Analytics Conference, Sydney, Australia
  • University of Kansas (Guest Lecture)
  • University of Missouri (Guest Lecture)
  • AnacondaCON, Austin, Texas
  • Digital Analytics Association Recipe Webinar
  • Digital Analytics Association A/B Testing Training Webinar

Actionable framework and workflow for building my analyst team.”
“Was interesting to see the types of projects companies are asking for; gave me some things to think about offering my own clients.”
“It was great info and gave ideas to implement ourselves.”

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